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One of those things that I love doing on a lazy, calm weekend here in Abu Dhabi is driving through the city, from Port Mina to Breakwaters, at a stretch. It can light up your mood just like that. The breezy weather at this time of the year makes you want to repeat the process, Driving through the Corniche to the Breakwaters. It was on my wishlist from a very long time to drive to break waters once I get my Drivers Licence here.And that exactly is what I did.


This spot is my favorite spot in the Breakwaters. The view of almost entire city is breathtakingly beautiful. During winters this place is often crowded with happy families, children running and cycling and even feeding birds. My boys love this spot just like me so much so that we visit this place even in hot scorching summers of Emarat!

These pictures were taken around March 2017. From around mid-November till mid -April these flock of seagulls, are seen adding beauty to the already pristine and beautiful nature of the Breakwaters. My boys and I go bird feeding all the time. During winters this place is always full. I love to see the sight of Emarati Ladies picnicking, laughing, talking and drinking hot Gava. Such a picturesque beauty this place is.Now that winter is almost here, we would begin our frequent breakwater visits soon!


The UAE flagpole situated at the end of Corniche Breakwaters is the tallest one of the world. It overlooks the beautiful city standing at a height of 123 meters.

Abu Dhabi from the Breakwaters view!








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