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Corniche Walks


The Abu Dhabi Corniche is one sight to behold. Walking down the perfectly combed beach along its 8km waterfront, several spectacular landmarks are in full view. The Corniche has been one of my favorite spots here in Abu Dhabi. As you walk through the beauty of it, sea on one side and the greenery on the other side; you cannot stop wondering how this place once could have been a desert! So lush, green, with wonderful sights all around. One thing about Abu Dhabi is that as much as it a fast city, there is a slowness in it; making you feel welcomed, warm and comfortable and more sooner in love with its uniqueness.

To tour the Corniche you can hire bicycles, that is so much fun, when you pedal it with your family of four!Yes, you get bikes that can accommodate upto 4 passengers.




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