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That not-so-noticed green grass!

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The small things that usually does not catch our attention are sometimes the most beautiful captures of our sight. I lay on the grass to gaze at the beautiful star strewn night sky, imagining the stars talking to each other, the clouds moving calmly; serene, beautiful in its own rhythm. I was lost admiring the beauty of calmness and serenity around. Have you tried lying on the grass and gazing at the vast open sky? If you still haven’t, you should now. Feel the earth. Feel the nature. Breathe. Live. And as I turned to get up and sit this is what my eyes captured. Wow! I have to click this. And so I did. As I lay resting on them, observing and admiring the night sky, I hadn’t realized that this bed, that has been cradling me, had added to the beauty of my feelings.

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