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Bikers Love

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Bike and cycling lovers, did you know?

It is so much easy and convenient to roam around the city now, especially during winter, with these bikes you get to hire at various stations in Abu Dhabi, in and around the city.

Cyacle Bikeshare or ADCB bikeshare ;powered by Cyacle;  is short term cycle hire scheme available all the time at about 50 stations across Abu Dhabi. Each station has a kiosk, map and a docking system that enables hiring a bike based on ride code or member key. It’s fun and a convenient way to get around. Abu Dhabi city, Yas Island, Sadiyath, Al Raha areas covers this facility in Abu Dhabi.It’s winter. It’s fun! Let’s bike around!

You get passes for 1 day or for 3 days at affordable rates.

The pictures are of bikes stationed at Corniche Abu Dhabi.

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