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Manarat Al Saadiyat – A Home of Abu Dhabi Art

One weekend around April 2017, when we were in the mood to explore and when I was especially keen on doing something related to art, I came across this event happening at Manarat Al Saadiyat -A Home of Abu Dhabi Art. Located at Saadiyat Cultural District,  Home of Art is a beautiful artistic venue that is designed to bring the vision of the island to life through Saadiyat Story. It has three major galleries, a central events gallery, sales center and restaurant.  Manarat Al Saadiyat meaning “The Place of Enlightenment”,  has several art workshops and classes, art and cultural exhibitions and so on.

The Art Studio has launched a full program of workshops and classes on November 12th. For more details click onto the link:

Meanwhile, browse through some of these beautiful pictures I clicked during one of my visits.


Splendid calligraphy, I was awestruck. The strokes, colors and hue, the beauty and essence of calligraphy flaunting all of its expressions, harmony and skillful perfection. Place like this make me dream! And then why not?!

 It was not mere walking around stretched hallways of art exhibition, we also had our share of fun and contribution to the art exhibition, that they promised would be displayed when the event wrapped up the following week.  This is what we did.

So there, a view of the place through my eyes. Go on and have a look yourself.I bet, you will love the place. Happy

‘Walking In the City”.

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