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Yoga-In Abu Dhabi

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It was a friend who got me introduced to yoga last year. Believe me, all the while I thought yoga was all about meditation and a slow, calm way of exercise that wouldn’t require any excessive or quick movements or poses. I was so wrong! Yoga can even make you sweat! You knew that? Though it is about stretching , bending and twisting your body to forms and poses that you believed could have never existed, it really isn’t just about touching your toe without bending your knees. It definitely improves flexibility of the body but , more than that, it is the mindfulness and a sense of calmness and serenity that engulfs the mind that really got me attracted to yoga. It’s not for slimming or toning down. It’s that feel good factor that comes with yoga which is really a plus point. Makes you feel fit. And healthy. So here, I share my yoga experiences in Abu Dhabi with you.

Initially it was at Haddins fitness center, in Zayed Sports City that I had my yoga practices for a term. It was really good. What I practiced there was Ashtanga Yoga. They had monthly yoga sessions conducted then. Completed that term learning a lot about yoga and the yogic poses. And then I got to know about this yoga class -Anaadi Yoga, where Neli Meris, one beautiful soul, conducts open air yoga classes. Yes. That was so inviting. Open air. She conducts her yoga classes in Umm Emarat Park every Mondays and Thursdays. Now, yoga can be classified into various types. What I practice with Neli is Vinyasa. It is more about coordinating movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. It is very calming, soothing yet makes you feel so powerful and mindful with an air of freshness and happiness blooming inside you. That’s what yoga does to body and mind.

I recently attended one of Neli’s Yoga and Raw Food workshop and it was so amazing , I tell you I felt rejuvenated after that session. She conducts them often and for details of her regular classes and workshops, check out her website :

Smoothie Bowl- Raw food workshop session

Yoga is more about exercising your mind. And a beautiful, calm mind gives you a beautiful body. It’s a soulful form of exercise. Go for it. Rejuvenate yourself.

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