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When pictures talk!

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Today let the pictures talk. I set out for a has been a lovely morning.That’s my first click of the day.

Look how beautiful it is!

That is where I walked to.The Corniche. Cozy weather, slightly breezy,such a feel good day.

See more…

There were quite a few men fishing. Enjoying. Happily posed when I asked if I could click a picture.

When you want to capture nature’s beauty in every angle possible.That at the opposite end is the breakwaters.

I loved the excitement of his old Palestinian man, who very happily called me out to click picture of his catch and posed with it. That was a memorable chat we had.

He claimed he caught 5 crabbies yesterday and since today is too windy succeeded to get just 1. Am sure he caught more fishes. Some fishing knowledge exchanged to a novice like me.

The long, stretching walkway…so beautiful!

Cyclists , joggers, brisk walkers, few of them fishing, still others hanging out and chilling out in the beautiful weather.You see them all here.

Aha! So that the beauty of nature doesn’t sweep you off your feet. Like literally!


Can you see a little birdie up there?Chirping to glory!

When I sat down to take a break. Abu Dhabi never ceases to mesmerize me!

Walking homeward.


And as I walked, I clicked these moments…






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