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Boutik Mall, Shams Abu Dhabi

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Who doesn’t like colors? Shades, hues, pictures, wall art, graffiti- makes any place lovely and attractive any time of the day. That’s what Boutik Mall of Al ReemIsland is about. A very colorful, graffitied, attractive mall with a range of restaurants and eateries. A mall for artists and readers with books, art and craft stores, a famous supermarket chain has its outlet in here; cafes, kids play zone and they also have a kids nursery in here. It was during one of my “exploring the city”mode days, when I was especially looking out for one of my favorite restaurants , Nandos , that I ended up in Boutik Mall and am glad at my finding. The mall is very attractive and also has commercial offices running in the upper floors, a kids park at the backside of the mall, an area to stroll around facing the mangroves; all in all a very beautiful, picturesque landscaped mall.






















Art Central is my love here. The range of products, art courses, captivating decor stuff, everything at Art Central is so unique. You should visit the place if you haven’t yet. They even have a workshop where they conduct different art related classes and courses , for kids and adults, by famous artists.









On level 2 ,you get to stroll through the bookstores and the food court, just beside kids play area- the ever famous – Action Zone. My boys and their affinity to Action Zone is always directly proportional! Yes, kids are kids, boy or girl. And no number of visits to this zone will ever bore them. So there we are now. The little men running, jumping and scurrying from one ride to another. I don’t remember one time when they have left this place happily after enjoying all the available games and rides. They always want to stay more! And we are always leaving the place with 2 grumpy faced little men.

Another attraction here is the Bowling Center, with happy hours on weekdays where they charge you just AED 10 per hour! Pool tables, table tennis corner, chilling out zone – all of it within this Bowling Zone. Have a look.










So that is Boutik Mall for you all! Visit and have fun. You will love it and probably this will turn out to be one of your favorite hanging spots.

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