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Word for the day!

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Word for the day! I was watching a video this morning and this word “ Rahma” , meaning Mercy, stopped me to ponder over it, for few seconds more than the rest of the words. Rahma, Rahm, Mercy. Compassion. What a beautiful word! It does need care, nurturing and protection. The word itself. To have mercy in oneself, to be compassionate to others, what a virtue! It is an Arabic word meaning Mercy though the depth of it cannot be easily comprehended, until you relate it to the undying love of a mother. R-h-m (Rahm) isn’t just about forgiving. It is more than that. Rahm is about kindness, forgiveness, care, nurturing and more profound a feeling than being merciful by forgiving someone or something! Compassionate- it’s more deep and lovable. It’s beautiful. Show Rahm (compassion) to everything that comes your way.


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