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Green green let’s go green!

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Now this is something interesting. We now live an extremely fast paced life, where everything is either at your fingertip or in the virtual world. I am sure like me, you also miss the life we lived 10-20 years ago when we were kids. Playing in park, chasing, running, climbing, feeling things and living openly. Gadget-free lifestyle. Yes, good and necessary to evolve, advance and grow. But the necessity and need to attach to the roots, to the nature, to the earth we live in, is a wholesome need of the soul. That’s what I believe. I came across a video on Facebook about an eco-friendly school in Bali. I was fascinated. I would love to send my boys to that school. In fact, there are tourists who have settled down in the place after visiting the school. They moved in to Bali! Lots of people who visited Bali as tourists are now residents of Bali. How fascinating! This particular advertisement caught my attention simply because it has a pictures of a tree, nature and all in green. Green. Breathe. Fresh air. Life gets better on it own. Have a look. Sounds and looks interesting. Let’s wait to hear more.
#Walk #Dream #WalkEatDream

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