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“Mamma, who is your best friend?”

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Sometimes kids ask you things you never expect to be asked. It is amazig how freely their imagination play and sway and come out in the most innocent of forms. Sometimes they leave you so speechless, other times you are in awe with the little questions that pop out of those little brains. The innocence we all miss as we grow up! Why were we ever wanting to grow up if childhood is the best phase of life?! Cycle of life. Yes. I get it! That was just my mind talking to me. And reality strikes! Ting!!!

Everyday as I put my little boy to sleep, we have this open conversation about every and any thing that comes in his little mind. He often boggles me with his cute yet candid questions. Cute because it is coming from his little mouth with an even widely imagining brain. ( Ma Sha Allah ). And candid because these little souls really do not have to think before they talk!:) And how nice they won’t even get misunderstood. Wish the adults had that quality too. To laugh it all off without labeling anybody as ‘childish’ or ‘brainless’ or whatever! Yes I know I am talking to myself. And aloud! Ok back to where I was… Kids… Yes. So, oftentimes my Emran asks me questions and expects me to have clear, proper answers that is understandable for him. And today, he talked about school, his classroom and friends and everything he did. He asks me ” Mamma, when you were lilttle, who was your best friend?”. “Huh?”, my response as I scan and scan and scan my brain to find that face. Predicament. He repeats the question. I don’t have an answer. I could have named anybody, gave any honest answer but within me I was asking myself ” who is my best friend? Nobody? Don’t I have one? What does best friend mean? I have a handful of good friends. What is a best friend ” – questions poured and poured and time slipped , my mind not giving me an answer. No face appeared in my eyes. No name came to my lips. Disappointment! Yes. For a while, I was disappointed. The little questioner repeated his question and I replied “All my friends are my best friends. I love them all. You should love all your friends too. They are all lovely people. They all come in your life in different stages. So, they are all important.” I know it is too hard for a little boy to gulp that down. He just said ” Ok mamma” , probably not really understanding my words but happily went on with next set of questions and slept off. My little boy.

He asked me something I never expected. Something that never occurred in my mind or thoughts. First faction of second I was disappointed thinking if I had none and the remaining time I realised the importance of people called ‘friends’ who have been and still are a part of my life.

Wikipedia explains ‘best friend’ as : “Someone with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendship”

Each phase of my life I have had people with whom I have shared the strongest possible friendship. Everyone I have associated with has left a piece of them in me, I probably carry each and every one who has come across my life, and phrased them as ” memories”. Everyone has been special. I have loved without expecting anything in return, sincerely and genuinely. Maybe I don’t have a ” best friend ” but definitely each and everyone of them have been special, in their own way and I hope they all carry a piece of me with them wherever they go, like I do. Maybe I really don’t agree to the term “best friend”. No one friend can be best! Everybody has alot of best qualities… So how can one person be best friend and others not? Teehee! Perhaps time has passed and I woke up late to realize it! Emran’s question gave me a chance to write aloud! 🙂

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