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What’s in a name?!

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Coz sometimes it’s necessary to show up! 🧕🏻 A name, a face, an identity! “What’s in a name?”, but I love mine…😊 The other day I had my routine eye check up. They had to dilate my eyes and do a full check up and I was asked to sit a good 15 minutes with my eyes shut! I sat as I was asked to. Blankness. Darkness. Black is all I could vision. My phone rings. I manager to take it out of my bag with my eyes still shut. I tried to swipe and swipe and swipe to answer, but certainly am touching the wrong part of the screen though I had been trying to estimate where exactly an Iphone answer button can be! Touchscreens. Hmm. Are you thinking what crossed my mind too? Yes, for that moment I felt I could have answered my phone at easy had it been a normal button phone and not a touch screen. Nevertheless the phone stopped ringing and I put it back into my bag. I could hear people talk, walk, giggle, doors open and close, I could feel the movements around me. I could sense when someone walked behind me. All the while I could only think and be thankful to the Almighty. You know why. The little things we take for granted are huge blessings for some. For a lot. Then the sister comes and calls me by my name … “ Haneeya”…. a wave of relief…. I don’t know why but I felt relieved to be acknowledged… I opened my eyes and saw her standing right in front of me with a torch in her hand… she checked my eyes and we went on with further check up requirements and everything. My mind was stuck there… at that moment…. where I couldn’t swipe to answer a call…. and when that relief swept my heart…. the feelings remain. It’s beyond words to describe certain things. Grateful to Almighty for what I am. Maybe we should think more and be thankful more to HIM. If you know what I mean. 🙂 Just one of those moments!
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