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Silences and pain!With a smile on face!

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Extremely calm and peaceful here at this side of the world. SubhanaAllah. Heart feels heavy when I see the people back home in distress. Prayers with all of them, hoping for the best. Life is like that. It never gives you the full. A little of this and a little of that. It’s upto us to weigh, choose and live. To choose isn’t always easy. Yet you have to. At every stage of life. My heart cries out as I watch the news of the Kerala Floods and it’s aftermath. But I have to be strong. Do what ever little I can. I have to be there for my people. Not anyone I know, but they are my people. How a calamity and distress unites us humans are beyond me to explain. Just like in times of joy, at times of distress also we stay together, united, no differentiation of wealth, status, caste, religion or anything at all. We only saw humans. Bonding. Caring. Staying strong and supporting one another. And so I went for a walk outside and this is where I stood yesterday, thinking, learning, appreciating, fully thankful, absolutely grateful to the Almighty for everything HE has bestowed upon us. How every thing HE decides for us has another face that may seem buried and hidden for some time or more. But in the end it is all for good. For the best! Kerala will overcome this. We are there. Together. Always. Praying, supporting, caring one way or the other. Always. An absolutely soulful Onam to dear Kerala and a more thoughtful and overwhelming Eid Mubarak to the world! ❤ ♥ ❤

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Honey Dew Drops

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