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Restorative Yoga with Tibetan Sound Healing

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Restorative yoga with Tibetan sound healing therapy got introduced to me by Neli Meris Of AnaadiYoga. Neli for sure knew I would love it and I did! She has been my yoga instructor for a while now and an amazing soul to know and definitely an amazing soul buddy too!

It has been one of the most enlightening, essential universal tour of the body and heart that connected me with myself and the world. Universe to be more specific. Tibetan bowl therapy with sounds and weighted tuning forks, creating vibrations, wave motions and ripples on your body, awakening each and every cell of your body, making you realize when it all gathers and works together how light and weightless you feel; is such an incredible feel. You tour the universe in your mind. You connect and feel part of a larger world. Calmness. Serenity. A sense of lightness and happiness mixed together releasing all the stress and tensions; you wake up to see a more happier you! You feel your aura radiating. Restorative yoga in itself helps you gain calmness of mind and relaxation . That along with the bowl sound therapy is just incredible. I lack words to explain what you will feel in the end! You definitely got to try this. Neli even conducts private sessions if your are interested. Contact her for further details. And connect! To yourself and to the universe you live in! It’s a beautiful world!


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