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Breakfast like King!

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I will be lying if I say appearance don’t appeal to me! There are times when I have walked into a restaurant or eatery just for the way it looks! That’s how I found this very beautiful, artistically designed cafe in #AbuDhabi @manoushe_street ,Najda Street. As we passed by, this cafe happened to be looking so inviting, we entered to be wow-ed! Swipe through for pictures of the cafe.

.🥘 Now a beautiful looking cafe is definitely not going to disappoint you! It’s one of the oldest Lebanese Cafe in the town, running successfully for a mighty 40 years! Lebanese cuisine is their trademark! Since it’s morning, and quite hungry after a morning walk, we decided to relish on their bestsellers – Veg and Cheese Omelette and Omelette with sujuk! Mind blowing! 😍 Food is served attractively too ( plus points again). Veg and cheese had flavored veggies sautéed rightly with onions and tomatoes and cheese oozing out… yum!!! The Omelette with Sujuk had bites of meat in it mixed with a tad bit of spicy sauce! The flavors stood out! Excellently. They were served along with fresh garden salad and freshly baked bread ( HEAVENLY). Black tea being my personal choice, I wouldn’t leave without trying a dessert as well. Yes. It’s early in the morning. And I wanted dessert, coz am in love with the place!😇 Tried their Nutella cheesecake. Deeeelicious! Rightly sweet, creamy nutella layered on crunchy base! Loved it. I am definitely going back to this place over and over again and you should too! They have 3 outlets in AbuDhabi and the Najda outlet being the biggest.

So next time you think of breakfast, head to @manoushe_street -AbuDhabi ❤#eat#foodietalks#inabudhabi #walkeatdream#breakfastcafesinabudhabi#abudhabiblogger #uaefood#abudhabieats #arabicbreakfast#lebanesecuisine #omelettes #eatapp#eatjoint #abudhabieats #jorenqfoodguide#instafoodclicks #timeoutabudhabi_food#instagram #simplyabudhabi#ourabudhabi #DEW

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