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A few days back I saw my little 5 year old wipe his tears off in a hurry before his uncle opened the door of our car. I was thrown off guard for a few seconds because this little boy was crying badly mumbling hard to explain some situation he had with his elder brother but the moment he saw someone else was going to see him… see him cry… see him in tears…. he wiped them off and was it was a smiling boy I could see. Why? Why did he not want someone else to see him cry? At this age why? He is so small. Why would he want to hide his sadness, sorrow and tears already? My heart sank and a-lot of questions raised in my mind. This wasn’t ok. For a 5 year old to try to look calm and ok after being literally heart broken just some few seconds ago! Got me thinking. .

Why are we not taught to show our pain, our sorrows, our broken hearts out? Why can’t we be visibly sad Or crying if something is really wrong? I had always ensured my boys reacted to feelings- showed their happiness, sadness, madness, anger or anything – or so I thought. But when this lil guy forced a smile so that his uncle didn’t see him cry,upset me. It disturbed me. Later on, I told him it’s ok to cry when you want to cry. It’s ok to feel sad when you are sad. You can get mad at Mamma if you are mad at me. I definitely don’t want these little minds to pile on! Not these emotions. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be mad at someone for hurting you. It’s ok to be hurt and pained. Life isn’t just about being happy all the time! We don’t show or share these emotions with all. I don’t. If I have to cry in front of you, you got to be holding that special a place in my life! But I do cry when am pained. I share it with whom I can. It’s ok to cry. It’s really ok to talk your pain out. . .

So, just like you share your joy, start sharing your worries and pain too. Heart feels so much lighter. Nobody has the right to hurt you, but if they do. Cry it out. Someone is definitely there for you and for me! It’s ok to cry to that someone. Maybe The Almighty for some, perhaps someone else for others but we all have someone to cry to! Confront your feelings and feel better. ❤️Always!
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