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Link the dots!

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Pace and phases of life are quicker than ever before.. I always wonder if the kids today enjoy their childhood as much as we did. Probably they do. Times have changed. Just like everything else, even kids are multi-talented, smarter and sophisticated today. I always ensure kids do things – fun things, apart from academics and school life. At the same time, it’s necessary that kids today are up to date, with the availability of various wonderful learning and fun activities ; they prefer being active and out than being at home.

There are amazing programs out there to enhance your child’s talents and abilities. It was while searching for such extra, out of the box kind of activities that I bumped into this brochure of Dots&links.

Improvement in cognitive skills, to boost self confidence, assist in achieving goals and helping your child focus, are all part of the programs covered by Dots and Links. And these programs aren’t meant only for kids who are struggling to cope or who does poorly; you can get your child up for a cognitive skill assessment for you to learn, understand and know your child’s innate talents and get their hidden potentials unlocked!Isn’t that wonderful? You can book for a consultation with a specialist and know your child’s hidden specialities. They provide programs like BrainRx, Writing Biot camps, Arabic programs, Art classes and many more. Check out their website for further details.


Location : Das tower, Bateen street, Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
Call @ 02 666 0948


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