Hello from Haneeya

Hey there,
Haneeya here. Glad you popped in to know more about me.For the love of writing and exploring, I decided to put down my explorations and experiences in here, to share it with you. My little space in this vast world is what you will find here!
Forever smiling, I love nature, art, designing, painting,cooking, baking, exploring places and I love writing. I have been always jotting down and making notes of life and memories and about everything I cherish, from feelings to moments. My husband, Nawaf, always wanted me to write on a broader level.He has been after me to do this for so long! Finally here; I have decided to take my passion ahead and his dream come true!
I am an Indian, raised in Abu Dhabi. Lived in Kuwait for 8 years after marrying Nawaf and moved back to Abu Dhabi three years ago. For the past few years, I have  basically been just living and loving motherhood; I am a mommy of two lovely boys. This place, where I grew up, holds an extremely special place in my heart, my fondness to this place is indescribable. More than most of my memories are attached to this beautiful city and when TIME brought me back to this city I felt YES, perhaps now I should really start sharing my walks of life on this part of the world and not limit it  to my journals and diaries. WalkEatDream is my passion and Nawaf’s dream!
Some of my favorite things in life are  SMILES,  kindness, my family, my two little boys,the moon, Almond Rocca,  food,  the Emarat and especially Abu Dhabi , the sea, waterfalls, open skies, clouds, and sunsets.

On a more personal level, I’m constantly trying to learn ,discover, care and share by appreciating people, spreading happiness and kindness as much as I can, and loving and believing in my God.  And that pretty much sums it up. Hope you enjoy treading on with me!

Let’s get going!